Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY: Police Officer Costume (Last minute!)

Since Josh is 2 years older than Baby Bunny, it gives us time to either 1) decide to make a new costume or 2) re-use the old one.  Of course we are going to re-use the old one!

This year Baby Bunny is going out as Office Bunny!  Here he is in the costume.

Here's what you need to make your own:
1.  Long sleeve white t-shirt
2.  Short sleeve black t shirt
3.  Dark pants (preferably with a red stripe since that's what Toronto officers wear)
4.  Old belt
5.  A police officer badge/gun/baton from the Dollarama ($2 at most)
6.  Mailing label to print your officer's name.

This costume was easy because the only thing we had to buy was the badge/gun/baton combo.  Everything else was already in the closet.

To make the police vest, just cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt and make sure that you cut so that the serged end remains on the t-shirt.  Use the left over sleeves to make the epaulets.   If you don't have a plain black shirt, use an old shirt and turn it inside out like we did.

For the police belt, cut it to fit your little one and use velcro strips to make the "belts" to connect the baton and handcuffs

Use duct tape and some recycled cardboard to make the holster for the gun.

Glue the badge to the front of the shirt.  Try it on and you are done!

Over here, we are getting a ton of rain due to Hurricane Sandy and maybe the possibility of snow!   Our DIY Scary Well from the movie "The Ring" is in danger of blowing away.  This is what it's looking like outside today.

For those of you on the Eastern part of the US and Canada, stay safe and stay inside.


  1. Omg this is the best idea i have seen yet and think ill use them or at least some of them
    thank u for help! I been scrambling trying figure out how to finish my police officer look!

  2. I have been searching for a diy costume for my granddaughter since her dad is a police officer and this is by far the easiest and cutest one I have found thank you so much it is perfect she is 3 and loves it

  3. I used your instructions to make my son's police officer costume for Community Helper Day at his school and found it extremely helpful! What a simple, inexpensive costume! I especially liked the idea of using the velcro strips to hold the flashlight and handcuffs. I would not have thought of that and was thankful when I found these things lying around around our house. Thanks for this!! You've made this busy mom's life a bit less stressful!

  4. Such helpful ideas! Thank you for sharing.

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