Tuesday, January 15, 2013


OK... so I admit this post may seem a little late since we are now mid-January. The whole family has been sick with either a cold, flu, or a combination of the two. I didn't even have time to think about New Year's resolutions or to even look back at my 2012 resolutions and tally up what I did or did not do.

But we are slowly on the road to recovery so it's time to look back and forward.

Last year I wanted to:

1.  Refinish my mom's chair.  Right now it's sitting in my basement, just waiting patiently to be reupholstered.  I know exactly where I am going to put it (in our piano room) but it just needs to get done! FAIL!  I did nothing with this other than buy some fabric and new foam.  But I am thinking of starting it this week.
2.  Work out once a week.  My doctor would be appalled that my goal is one day a week...  But really, it's an achievable goal.  Um... I guess it depends on what once a week looks like.

3.  Enroll in a class.  I am enrolled in classes but the classes are for the kids, not me.  So my goal is to enroll myself in a special interest class, or maybe an exercise class.  My sister and I have been doing Sunday yoga classes so I guess that covers #2, 3, and 5!!!!

4.  Go on dates with hubby.  The kids have taken over!  But they will be a little bit older next year and hopefully won't mind if we skip out for a night here and there.   We did try to do this but when I count it out, I still think we went out alone less than 5 times this year.  Definitely an upgrade from 2011!

5.  Start doing a "sisters" or "friends" night out.  Why?  Because maybe by then, the kids will be in the same bedroom and can put themselves to sleep.  Hahaha... in my dreams, right?   This one still needs work!

 This year, I think I need to keep the same resolutions but add two more to the pile.

6.  Take time for myself and not to worry about the small things.  This means exactly what I wrote.  I am juggling a lot of stuff and so I need to prioritize more and spend time on the things I love vs things I don't.  I have been spending less time on social media as it's been a time waster and I don't love it!

7.  Sew things I want to sew!  I've been doing some sewing that is unrelated to my ETSY shop.  It's been good for me to sew for my enjoyment.

That's it for me.  Do you have any resolutions for 2013?