Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer summer summer time... about the shop

Hey all,

It's been a while since I posted here or on my Facebook page.  It's been on my mind to post a note to let everyone know what's been going on over here and in the shop.

Summer finally made it here and I have both kids with me.  Joshie has a lot of energy and wants to do everything.  Teo is starting to come out of his naps and he's starting full day kindergarten in September.   I want to spend as much time with them before they are off in school.  Now that they are both getting older, they are also much more enjoyable because we talk and I get to hear their opinions.   So in the spirit of having a good time, this is what we've been doing so far...

We're having ribs because it's the summer of ribfest. 

We got those from these guys... I will never go to another vendor again.  These were made just the way I like it.

We're cooking together quite a bit.

We're climbing trees like monkeys, learning TKD, riding our bikes, and swimming a lot!
(We're swimming because someone is going to have to save me in the pool)

We're going to the museum for classes.  Kids love it there and so do I! 

I'm letting them stay up a little later some nights.  We saw our first outdoor movie (Back to the Future).  By the time we were in bed, it was past 11pm.  Shocking!

I was fortunate enough to spend a lovely weekend with a great group of ladies for our annual girls cottage weekend.  What a view! 

With everything going on around here, I didn't really feel like I could put the appropriate attention to the kids and to the shop.   Hence, I made a conscious decision to leave the shop closed until October which means there will not be any toddler backpacks for back to school this 2014.

I am going to use these next several months to assess what I would like to do with the shop, have FUN with the kiddies, and sew for the pure joy of making something with my own hands.

Take care and enjoy the nice weather!  xoxo

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