Wednesday, April 20, 2016

DIY Cocktail Napkins for the Ink & Arrow Whip It Up Kitchen Linens Challenge

Spring has finally landed here in Toronto and I couldn't be happier!!!!  Spring means the start of BBQ season and all things fun outside.

What better way to celebrate spring, than to participate in a sewing challenge over at Sew Mama Sew.  The challenge was to sew kitchen linens using the "Whip it Up" line from Ink & Arrow Fabrics.

I waited very patiently (not really) for the fabrics I selected to arrive.  It was worth the wait! 


I wanted to make something that everyone in my house could use - indoor or outdoors.  Hence, I sewed cocktail napkins.

These were so easy to make and a it's a nice way to showcase different fabrics!  I made mine double-sided with different patterns on each side.  So depending on my mood, I might use one side and on another day, maybe the other side.

Here's what you need if you'd like to "Whip some up" - (haha couldn't resist!)
- A fat quarter of fabric makes approx 4 x 5" cocktail napkins (double sided)
- A sewing machine and basic sewing supplies (thread, scissors, pins, and ruler)
- An iron

Cut your fabrics into 5.5" x 5.5" squares.  I chose to use different patterns on each side but you could use the same fabric.  Make sure the right sides are facing and sew around the perimeter using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Leave a small gap for turning.  Press the seams so that they will be super flat after you flip your square inside out.  Make sure you clip the corners to reduce bulk.

Next, turn your square inside out through the unsewn gap.  Use a BBQ skewer to gently poke out the corners.  Press properly and use steam to ensure your napkins are nice and crisp.

To finish the cocktail napkin, sew a line 1/8" from the edge to sew the opening shut.  You could also stitch a second decorative line 1/4" from the edge and a 3rd line about 1" from the edge.  I ended up going with one line of stitching because the fabric was patterned.  If I used a solid colour, I probably would have done 3 lines of stitching.

I've always found cocktail napkins from the store to be flimsy and when they start flying all over my backyard, it's a bit of a pain to chase them down.  I'm so happy to have these!

We started using the napkins yesterday with our afternoon snack.  It even doubles as a mini plate.

A touch classier than what we've been using!

Today was warm, so we had a chance to use them outdoors again.

I really enjoyed the #whipitupchallenge and now that I'm done, I'm going to go take a peek at what my blogger friends have designed!

Don't forget to visit them too -  I can't wait to see what they've come up with!

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Until next time,

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Monday, April 04, 2016

DIY Sharpie Roll

Introducing the Sharpie Roll!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some pics of my DIY Crayon Roll.

Then my friend E sent me a note asking if I could turn that into a Sharpie Roll.  Um... yes?!?!?!   Apparently Crayola isn't cool for the tween set (I had no idea) and the choice of markers is Sharpie Brand. 

I grabbed some Sharpies from my sister's stash.

And got busy sewing.

I had to make two as my friend has two daughters... 

I used my usual denim for the outside - best way to hide stains.

You can even put some pens in it.

Or just leave it full of Sharpies.

As you can see, the pipsqueaks are much smaller than the Sharpies.  But as in life, kids grow and I guess their stuff does too.  I hope by then, I can look at a Sharpie and not cringe. 

Happy Colouring!

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