Monday, June 25, 2012

Leslieville Tree Festival

Sunday was my first outdoor show at Leslie Grove Park in Leslieville.

Both kids caught a cold so we didn't bring them with us.  For the past couple of days, I was fretting about the weather.   Doing an outdoor show is always risky, even if you have a tent!  This is what the weather network said our day would look like.   Thundershowers!!!

But we didn't get the torrential downpour, just a couple of light sprinkles to keep us cool. Phew!   Amanda at Leaf was really nice about giving us a table with good foot traffic near the entrance at Queen/Jones.

Here are some pics from my table display.  As we all know from an earlier post, hubby is a whiz at many things.  This time, he built me two stands to display my toy leashes.  I also brought some tricycle bags, stroller bags, and Teo's brand new bulldozer backpack.

Here's an up close shot of his backpack.  I didn't tell him that I made this for him until AFTER we got back from the show.  

I missed the tree planting part of the day, but I did get to see the scary scarecrow on stilts and a performance by Zero Gravity Circus.

Overall, we had a great time!   Special thanks to hubby who didn't get to watch the Euro Cup (Go Italia!) but we made it to the TV just in time to watch the kick off.   Also special thanks to my friends and family that came by for moral support!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

ETSY - Toronto Meet Up

I've been a little swamped the last week and so I didn't get a chance to write anything about the first EVER Toronto ETSY event. It was held on June 15 at Oz. It was nice to mingle and chat, listen to 3 veteran sellers, and talk to Nada, our Canadian Community Manager.  My friend T came along with me as she is considering opening up an ETSY shop.  Hubby decided to stay home - he predicted he would be one of 5 males and he was about right!

Click on the link to see the ETSY Flickr pictures: ETSY Toronto Meetup

Afterwards, I went to Watusi for dinner with my friend T and we got some yummy dishes for sharing.  The beets were yummy and the chick pea french fries were quite unique.  I'm going to have to figure out how to make the fries for the kiddies.  What a great idea.

OK... time to go get ready for Sunday's market at the Leslieville Street Festival!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tricycle Handlebar Bag - Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you a tricycle/bicycle handlebar bag that I made for Joshie. Well, since that time, little brother staked his claim on Joshie's bike by yelling "mine" very loudly. So, we brought home the other red tricycle from nonna's house. The other tricycle didn't have a bag and since Joshie is the one who picks up most of the "treasures" from our bike gang adventures, I had to make one for him asap.

The bag part of the design is the same but I used D rings instead of snaps to secure it to the tricycle.   I wanted this bag to have the flexibility of being used on other bikes.  Also, the bag sits slightly tilted on this tricycle vs the first tricycle so having the D rings helps keep it nice and secure.

This time, I appliqued the initial J using some left over jersey.  If it looks familiar, that's because I used the same fabric for my onesie extender tutorial.

Holds his stuff  nicely.  I wanted to put a snap to keep it closed but he said he didn't want one.  I should've just put it on instead of asking...

Here's our "parking lot"

The little boy bicycle gang is ready to ride!  I'm an honorary member too.  Originally, the rules were "no girls allowed!"  But, now Joshie says... "you can be part of the gang, but only if you have a bicycle".

Notice how little brother's feet are up in the air and he's not paying attention.  Sigh.

I also made another tricycle bag for a customer.   I put a removable stabilizing strap at the back of the bag and included a snap to keep things tidy.  Looking forward to seeing pictures of her son and all of his "stuff".

Happy sewing!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Recipe: Chocolate Bundt Cake

I love chocolate cake.  It's one thing that I would never be able to give up.  There's nothing like having a slice with a cold glass of milk, right before bed.  Le yum!  

Today I am sharing with you the best ever chocolate bundt cake recipe.   I've never tried this recipe with a regular pan because I've been trying to master the bundt.  Please make sure you follow the recipe... once I was distracted and accidentally swapped the measurements for the cocoa and the sugar.   We named the output, "crazy cake" -- it makes you crazy when you eat it due to all of that cocoa.

Now that I've finally mastered the bundt pan, there will be many more chocolate cakes in my future! 

Dry Ingredients:
1 2/3 cup flour
1 1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder

Wet Ingredients:
2 eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla


Put it in the oven for 55-60 min at 350F.  Let it cool for about 2-3 hours.  Turn the pan over on top of a large plate.  Lightly tap to release the cake.   Note:  If you have extra cocoa, dust the bundt with cocoa instead of floor.  Works just as well and adds a bit of oomph!

Leave it plain or decorate it.  It's up to you!

We use candles, even when it's not for a birthday

 I love this cake, it's "le yum"!

 Happy Baking,

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My City: Rouge Beach

When most of us think of going to the beach in the city, we think of Ashbridges Bay.  However if you're looking for a less touristy alternative, consider a trip to Rouge Beach.   The beach is located right where the Rouge River meets Lake Ontario.  

Here's our first sandcastle of the year

You can fish in the river too!  See the guy at the bottom corner of the pic?  Wonder if he was able to catch any fish with the loud train overhead.  The kids loved seeing the Via train as well as the Go Train.

They could've spent their whole day digging for tiny stones

Hubby and I enjoyed the view...

While the kids practiced skipping pebbles

Love how they do everything together

It's a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday morning - much more low key than Ashbridges but just as nice.

Rouge Beach is located at 195 Rouge Hills Drive, Toronto.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Cha-cha-changes... Junior Kindergarten & The Royal Ontario Museum

This week I watched my little boy grow up a little bit.  Normally I don't notice the subtle changes until I go back and watch old videos.  This week he really showed me that he's growing up.   Here's what happened:

1.  Junior Kindergarten Visit

On Monday, we went to his school for a pre-junior kindergarten visit.  He wore his little man uniform shirt, a pair of shorts, runners, and his little backpack.  He really did look like a little man.  I was really proud of his ability to hold his own.  I was a little worried what it would be like, as he'll be one of the youngest in his class this September.  This visit was good for both of us... he got to see his class and I get to worry a little less.

Here's what made me smile:  1) He said "hi everyone" to the kids in the class without being prompted  2) He raised his hand to answer a question 3) He stood up in front of the class and read the number "14".   For a kid that has never been in daycare, he was really good!  I was surprised he could sit still for so long because I was getting fidgety.  But when a fly came into the classroom, he got distracted as did all of the other students.

Here's a picture of him finding something on the ground.  His "homework" has been all but forgotten.

2.  Visit to the Royal Ontario Museum with his friends

On Wednesday, we went to the Royal Ontario Museum with his little friend H.   They met at a kids party and then ended up taking some classes together (cooking and numbers) through the Ontario Early Years Centres.  This is the same friend that got this apron for her birthday.  

What really stuck out for me was that he was being "Mr Tour Guide" and telling her about all the cool stuff at the museum.  It was almost like he was showing off what he knew!  He was also really brave about going into the bat cave. -

When Matteo lost his shoe (worst thing that can happen in his world), Joshie stayed behind with his friend at the knights exhibit.  While I was busy hunting down the shoe, he showed her his favourite piece in the European collection (the "Lemon Lime" dish).  

Pals who like dinosaurs:
Must dig for bones... Poor Matteo is too short to dig for bones.

3.  Play Time with Little Bro

I hear him saying things like:
  • It's not like that.  Do you want me to show you how?
  • You get the first one you touch!
  • You need to take turns!
  • Do you want to play with me?

So yes, my baby is growing up.  I'm totally going to be the Mom that cries on his first day of school.