Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tutorial: DIY Gift Card Holder

It's the last day of school and this year, we have 4 teacher gifts to purchase.  Due to poor planning on my part, there was no time for DIY so I went the gift card route.  I went to Michael's and bought 4 gift cards.  I was surprised when the cashier told me that they don't supply little envelopes.  Considering they are an arts & crafts supply store, I would have expected more than just a piece of plastic. 

I thought about glueing the Michael's card to the thank you cards but the kids already wrote all over the cards and there was no more space.  So, I decided to make my own envelopes by using this C7 template.  It was really easy to do and here's how:

Print the template onto a blank sheet of paper and cut it out.

Then find some card stock or any kind of paper you have available.  I re-purposed some large security envelopes from the bank. 

Trace the template onto your paper.  It helps to fold the paper in half so you can cut out 2 gift card holders at once.

Here's what they look like before you fold them.

Fold and then glue the middle flaps and bottom flap.

Test out your card.

The envelope is a little larger than the gift card because I wanted to include my own personalized notes to our teachers.  If you want a smaller card, just print the template at 85%.

Seal it shut with a sticker and it's done! 

Wishing everyone a summer full of fun and exploration!

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