Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Baking - Bats!

Halloween is coming! Well, it's still a month away but we are starting to get ready. First stop? Baking of course!!

We're starting with this cookie cutter set that I received from my friend V last year.


First off, bats!

Le yum!

Kid approved!

Next up... witches!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Wiksten Tank

After I made this Wiksten tank for Made by Rae's spring sewalong, I thought I'd make a ton of them. But summer went by so fast and by the end of August, I only had 1 still! So, here's my second attempt at the Wiksten.

This time I used a much lighter fabric (stole the idea of using Ikea fabric from another spring sewalong participant). Rae had a great idea of modifying the pattern to minimize any gaps along the back (click here to see what she did) and it worked really great for me! I ended up going up a size to size small and then using her recommendations. This made the armhole area a bit roomier.

I wasn't paying attention to the directions so I ended up putting the armhole/neck facings backwards.  Oops... good thing it still looks ok this way.

The second time around, it was so much easier.  I only needed 1M of fabric to make this shirt so for $3.99, I'd say that wasn't too bad!

Here's a pic of me wearing this at the Art Gallery.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Shark Toddler Backpack

I just finished making this shark toddler backpack for little A.

Originally, we had discussed making an Owl backpack in blue.  However when A and his mom saw a picture of Joshie's Dino Toddler Backpack, he asked if he could have a dinosaur or a shark.  Of course!  His Mom was so nice and it's really cool that she let him pick his own colours.

He wanted everything blue but the stylist in me kept thinking... "get some brown in there!"  But he stuck to his guns and I have to admit, I really like the way the navy piping coordinates with the indigo blue denim. 

Here's the obligatory side shot that I always include with every posting.  Again it's very blue but I like it!

From the back, it's quite unassuming

But the front pops since everything else is quite neutral.  Hmm... maybe this kid is onto something!

Here's the bottom

He wanted the owl lining and I finished the seams with navy bias tape.

While I was waiting for the right lighting to take some pics, the backpack sat on top of our piano (I keep custom orders up high now because of what happened here).  The kids didn't notice it at first but before bedtime, Joshie said "I want a shark backpack!".   *Sigh... so many requests, so little time. 

For those new to the blog, all backpack orders are custom built orders purchased through my ETSY shop.  

All this talk about sharks has me wanting to see Jaws again!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Recipe: Pickled Radishes

Pickled radishes are so easy to make and if you get a chance to visit a Farmer's market, it's a nice recipe to make. I'm the only person who eats radishes in my house and so I decided to make some pickled radishes.

All you need are 4 ingredients:  Radishes, Sugar, Salt, and Vinegar.  Easy easy easy!

How to:
  1. Use a bunch of radishes (about 9-10 in a bunch).  Slice the radishes and set aside
  2. Whisk together 1 tbsp of sugar, 1 tsp of salt, and 1/4 cup vinegar (you can add more or less of the salt or sugar depending on how much "bite" you want it to have).
  3. Add the radishes and mix
  4. Refrigerate for about an hour.  Serve within 24 hours.
Warning: These can get pretty stinky so if you make it, try to finish it the same day or else your kids will be complaining every time you open the jar.

Let little fingers help out

And don't forget to check up on it by eating one or two

Happy Eating!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bird Toddler Backpack

Here's a little toddler backpack that I made for a friend's little girl. It was her 2nd birthday and I wasn't sure if she would want a train or truck on her backpack.   So I decided to make a bird.  I love making backpacks for friends because it gives me a chance to experiment a little more.

I bought the striped fabric ages ago and was so happy to find it in my stash.  The only other bird I've made so far was for this owl toddler backpack

I spent a long time figuring out the eyes.  Joshie and I debated it and even hubby weighed in.  In the end, I ended up taking it to my Facebook Page for a vote.   (Since this pic, I also changed the beak and made it pink instead of yellow).

I put her initial on the side of the bag since I felt that the "G" would be too much for the front.  I also added a little tassel for the zipper.

I tried a new twill webbing vs my usual.   I also had to use D rings because I ran out of backpack connectors.

I used a simple black cotton for the lining.

Here's another angle.

and here she is waiting on the front porch.

Don't fly too far little birdie!
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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Dinosaur Backpack for J's First Day of Junior Kindergarten

My baby started junior kindergarten last Friday.  I'm not entirely sure who was more nervous:  Joshie or me (or my husband)!   I had to remind myself that every year, there are kids who start j/k who have not been through daycare.  In fact, there were many uncomfortable faces in his class - some were kids but most were the parents.

After making so many backpacks for other people's kids, I wanted to make sure that I finished Joshie's backpack for his first day.

On  Monday, I was panicking because I was only at this phase.  Lots and lots of pieces!

Somehow, I managed to pull through and ended up finishing by Wednesday night.  He was happy to see his new backpack but ran off to play with his toys.  I suspect he thinks that all moms make backpacks for their kids. 

I ended up doing a double pocket like this garbage truck backpack that I made for Sarah's son.  Joshie chose the army green piping for the zipper, pocket trim, and piping.  I would have preferred beige for contrast but I left it up to him to decide.

I lined it with owl fabric (again his choice) and made a large inner pocket.  The pocket is great for hiding away his spare change of clothes (pants, shirt, socks, undies) and leaves the main compartment for his hat, snack cup and water bottle.

Here's another view but flipped inside out.  I bound the seams with some leftover grey bias tape.  I love the owl fabric because you have so many choices when it comes to the bias binding.

I wondered if I should write his name on his backpack but since I was pressed for time, I appliqued his initial onto the back of the pack.

On his first day, his teacher Mrs S showed him where to hang his backpack.  He was very proud that he was able to take it off the hook and back on again.  It's funny what kids will remember about their first day.  I asked him what the other kids had for snacks and he said one girl had a very tall container full of Ritz crackers.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day.  I hope little guy has a good time on Monday.  I hope I can stop worrying about it.

Readers who have been through this before, how did you cope with the first day of school?

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Another Beachy Day

So yesterday's massive downpour reminded me that summer is nearing an end. So to ensure we get the maximum out of our nice days, we took an impromptu trip to the Toronto Beaches. Actually, I got lost driving to the Scarborough Bluffs and ended up at Woodbine Beach.  That's a colossal oops.

This is my only pic from the beach.  Somehow my camera memory card got corrupted as I was uploading pics.  I'm sad I lost so many great pics.   I hope hubby can find a way to recover them.  Until then, here's Joshie hamming it up. 

Only 2 more sleeps until the first day of school!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

End of Summer Fun at Rouge Beach

Well, we are in September now and summer is rapidly coming to an end.   Although it is still humid out and hot, the days are starting to get shorter. This Labour Day, we took them to Rouge Beach just to relax. We've been many times before since it's so close and less touristy.

Here we are tossing pebbles in the water

Bunny was afraid of the surf

But Joshie had no problems

We made a sandcastle

Had a picnic snack (oops forgot lunch!) and went home for a nap.  Hope you had a nice Labour Day.  What did you do?

Happy 2nd Birthday to Baby Bunny!

I can't believe we are on birthday #2 for baby bunny!  As he has reminded me quite often in the last couple of days, "I'm not baby, I big boy!"  He went from saying "love mama" 3 months ago to saying "i wuv you".  And if that isn't proof that my baby is growing up, he was first to race Joshie down the slide at Joshie's new school.

We started the day with some pancakes... his fave shapes.  Can you guess what these are?

After he went down for his nap, Joshie and I wrapped his presents.  Joshie chose the gifts and was so excited to give them to his little brother.

I made some pom poms for the front porch. It was a bit of a crazy week so I didn't do too much decorating.  I made a lot more last year but he seemed to like these because they were bigger.

Then a little message on the chalkboard

A train cake made by Popo.  He didn't want to blow out his candles so Joshie helped out.

Food catered from Francesca's and fruit from Nonna.

Overall, we had a great time with the family.   Hubby made the kids a rollerball game inspired by the Rollerball game at Ribfest and the kids played soccer with their cousins.

He had a lot of fun opening his presents

I love birthdays!