Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

This year, summer did not disappoint! It was a hot hot hot summer and it was fantastic! As I write this post, I am a little sad that it's over. But when I look back at what we did, I am so grateful to have had another beautiful summer with my family. This post is my little ode to summertime fun.  So let's take a trip down memory lane and go back to the beginning of my summer!

First up was my school's fun fair.   Again, I was doing silent auction but this year, the stuff was at my place.  And boy was there a lot of stuff.  We raised some good coin for our school!

I couldn't resist sewing crayon rolls and at the last minute, popped in a gift card wallet.

Next up was our town's summer festival.  The street closes and we do fun things like the duck race for charity, watch a parade, and party on the street.  

On the last day of school, we whisked the boys away for our first camp of the year.  I can see this being a tradition!   They had all the comforts of home and we made sure there were lots of books to keep them happy.

My summer sewing was mainly for things that we absolutely needed - like a bike bag for me, a yoga mat carrier, and mini camp pillows.   The kids were so obsessed with baseball, there was no way they'd let me hang inside to sew.

We went to a wedding.  Then jetted off to Niagara Falls for the lavender festival. 

The kids were in soccer again but this year, I didn't go picture crazy.  Big kid was in camp so little guy and I went to CBC Kids Days and rode the train. 

Science Centre is a must and we got to see a monster truck up close. 

We watched the Olympics and wished they were in Toronto (like last year's Pan Am Games).  The kids cheered for Andre De Grasse every time he ran.  It's really cool for them to see a local kid from Markham win Olympic medals.  Especially after the year he had at Pan Am.  He was also nice enough to come back after the Olympics and be in the parade.

We saw many outdoor concerts but their fave was a Tswift cover artist.  I went to girls cottage weekend and had some nice r&r.  I also started kniting a blanket which I dragged all around town.  It's almost finished!   More on that to come...   We did some crafty things like make a sock cat.

And lots of puzzles

I finally had zinnias - this is what they looked like in July but by now they've totally exploded.

We had a great time at the CNE - kids loved seeing the parkour guys.

I loved the air show

Little man learned how to ride a two wheeler.   I'm happy-sad.  They are both growing up so fast!

They fished at their cousins.

I think overall, they had a great summer and were ready to go back to school.  Truthfully, this is the first year that I didn't cry a little bit after I dropped them off.

Looking forward to the adventures that fall will bring,

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