Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 2 of Cardboard: Canada Post Play Mailbox

Welcome to Day 2 of Cardboard Crafts!  It's also Day 2 of March Break!

Today we are going to make a Canada Post Mailbox from a diaper box.  

Hubby and I love making things with cardboard.  We have way too many unused diaper boxes so when I asked him to make the kids a mailbox, he got on it right away.  This is what it looked like when he was done. The kids were thrilled.

This is what it looked like when I got my hands on it. I covered it with red poster board and taped it all over.   I let the kids play with it for a while but I felt like it needed a little something more.

I glued a picture of the Canada Post logo to the sides of the box.  I found the picture on google, enlarged it, and cut it out.  Now it looks like a Canada Post mailbox!!

The front opens up just like a mailbox and the back has a flap which allows us to take out what they put in. At first, it was just paper going in.  By the end of the week, we found lego, bowling pins, and a football.

So... how does this mailbox stack up against the real thing?  Well... we don't have to wait in line.

 Seems like our mail gets delivered quicker too! 

I hope you enjoyed this craft.  Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of Cardboard!

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  1. As a teacher I love this idea!! It's so creative and I just know the kids would love it!!

  2. Where is tutorial to make mail box

    1. Unfortunately, the opening part was built by my husband and he didn't take any photos. I was just about ready to put the box on the curb due to overuse but the kids protested. So, we may be making one again in the near future and I'll be sure to take more pics.

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