Thursday, May 26, 2016

Knitting Club Update

Wow, I cannot believe that we are at the end of May and I haven't yet given an update on knitting club.  If the picture above is any indication, I'd say we did a pretty good job!

If you remember, we started knitting club at school towards the end of March.  We met every Monday and Wednesday and the kids picked up knitting the garter stitch so fast!   Our knitting project was pretty ambitious considering a half hour two days a week isn't really that much time.  Overall, this blanket has 81 squares - mostly done in garter stitch and a couple of heart squares for detail.

I got really excited about the finished product as well and was so happy when we finally finished stitching up all those squares (so many squares....).

But the job wasn't done until I crocheted a border.  As we all knit with slightly different tension, I had to crochet a single chain around the whole blanket first.  I tried to keep an even count on all sides.

Then it was a half double crochet around the whole blanket to finish it off.

The blanket ended up being bigger than 36" x 36" due to stretch and the border.  Next time, I think we'll try 8 squares x 8 squares.   Other lessons we learned:  1) Divide the yarn amongst the kids vs giving them a whole skein  2) Work on one blanket at a time  3) Use neutral colours.  4) Consider an all-white blanket with a coloured trim.  

I really enjoyed teaching the kids and learning from them.   The kids were amazing to watch and are asking for a club again next year :o)

I designed a label because it makes the project so much more professional looking.  It also lets the new parents know what's in the bag, the care instructions, and who made it.   Once we have washed all of the knitted items, they will be packaged in clear ziploc bags and the labels will be placed outside the bag to keep the items clean.

Here's a last look before we package it up and deliver it to the hospital(s).   This picture makes the blanket look a little wonky on the sides but it reality, it isn't!   It's hard taking a photo of such a big item.

I am so glad we finished the blanket.  I love the portability of knitting as I can do it anywhere!  But I am a sewist at heart and it's time to go back to the machine before school lets out.   

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