Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY: Police Officer Costume (Last minute!)

Since Josh is 2 years older than Baby Bunny, it gives us time to either 1) decide to make a new costume or 2) re-use the old one.  Of course we are going to re-use the old one!

This year Baby Bunny is going out as Office Bunny!  Here he is in the costume.

Here's what you need to make your own:
1.  Long sleeve white t-shirt
2.  Short sleeve black t shirt
3.  Dark pants (preferably with a red stripe since that's what Toronto officers wear)
4.  Old belt
5.  A police officer badge/gun/baton from the Dollarama ($2 at most)
6.  Mailing label to print your officer's name.

This costume was easy because the only thing we had to buy was the badge/gun/baton combo.  Everything else was already in the closet.

To make the police vest, just cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt and make sure that you cut so that the serged end remains on the t-shirt.  Use the left over sleeves to make the epaulets.   If you don't have a plain black shirt, use an old shirt and turn it inside out like we did.

For the police belt, cut it to fit your little one and use velcro strips to make the "belts" to connect the baton and handcuffs

Use duct tape and some recycled cardboard to make the holster for the gun.

Glue the badge to the front of the shirt.  Try it on and you are done!

Over here, we are getting a ton of rain due to Hurricane Sandy and maybe the possibility of snow!   Our DIY Scary Well from the movie "The Ring" is in danger of blowing away.  This is what it's looking like outside today.

For those of you on the Eastern part of the US and Canada, stay safe and stay inside.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY: Scary Well from the Movie "The Ring"

Today I am sharing with you how we decorated the well in front of our house.  Actually, to be more specific, how HUBBY decorated our well for Halloween.  If you've seen the movie "the Ring" and were scared for weeks afterwards, you will appreciate this post!

Warning * - as this is hubby's work not mine, it's much more creepy vs cutesy.  I think it's even spookier because we don't have any cutesy pumpkins or things like that. 

I remember when I saw the movie in the theatre with my good pal A.  She left to use the washroom during one of the scariest parts of the movie.  When we went to see it, there were only 5 people in the theatre so I was suitably freaked out.

Here's the view that always makes me think there's a kid on my lawn. 

I think that the back is scarier than the front.  The side view is spooky too

The kids don't seem to mind our new visitor

Here's what you need:
1.  Long black wig
2.  Floral foam
3.  Batman Halloween bucket (we used it last year for trick or treating)
4.  Two hands (ours were from the Dollarama so both are lefties)
5.  Night dress and long sleeve shirt (ours was from the Salvation Army)
6.  Lots of plastic bags

How to make it:
1.  Gather your supplies
2.  Bring children with you to help build it so they aren't scared
3.  Cover Batman's mask with white masking tape so that the face is all one colour
4.  Attach the wig to the floral foam with a nail and place the hair in the Batman bucket
5.  Stuff the dress/long sleeve shirt with plastic bags and place in the well.
6.  Use the soil to help weigh it down so it doesn't fly away
7.  Insert hands into the shirt sleeves
8.  Position the head so that it is facing the street.  Voila, you are done!

So far we have not had any complaints, just a lot of compliments.   Personally, I will be happy when Halloween is over so I can get my flower well back.

Happy decorating!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY Knight Costume

When Joshie was little, he was superbaby, then a police man, and then batman. This year we decided that it might be time for someone that wasn't a superhero.  So when I asked him what he wanted to be, he said "Wolverine".  Yikes... I really had no idea how I was going to make that happen.  Lucky for me, we had a book about knights at home and he liked the idea about being a knight.

I found this tutorial in Dutch on making a knight's costume.  It was hard to follow since google translate wasn't doing a great job translating from Dutch to English.  So I ended up making my own pattern.

Materials Used:
1M of gaberdine (not the best choice for a kid's costume but it's what I had)
Approx 5M of bias tape for the trim and belt loops
Scrap black fabric for the waist band
White and red jersey scrap fabric
Two snap buttons

Heat n Bond

Measure measure measure your child.   The most important parts to measure are:  head circumference for the neck and shoulder circumference since this is a pull over costume.  Length can be whatever you want it to be. 

As of this posting, I did not make him a hood because he said he wouldn't wear it. I'm sure if I chose something other than gaberdine, he would have been ok.  Memo to me for future costumes:  only use 100% cotton!

By the time I sorted out my fabric, he was sleeping so I couldn't measure him.  I used Bear Bear's head as a guide.

When I was finally able to get him to try it on, this is what it looked like.  Eek!  Too big!

I solved that problem by adding two snap buttons on each side about 2" above the waist band.

The applique was fused on using fusible web and I stitched the white crest down using a large straight stitch.  I didn't bother stitching down the templar cross.  It was fused well enough that I didn't bother.  After all, this will be worn 3 times at most and then maybe Baby Bunny will wear it later on when he's big enough.  I considered using our family's coat of arms but it was really detailed.

Here's a detail shot.  This would have been a great opportunity to try mitred corners using bias tape but I just folded the tape over and sewed it down.

Here's a front/back shot

Here we are trying it on outside.  He's using a stick in place of his sword since we forgot it inside the house.  Hubby made a "Samara" from the movie "The Ring".  He used Batman's head from last year's costume, thrifted shirt/nightdress from the Salvation Army, two left hands from the Dollarama, a wig, and a bunch of plastic bags to make this creepy scene.

And another back shot on on our neighbour's driveway.   He's looking for the bunny that hopped over the yard.

Can't wait for trick or treating!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Josh & Teo Interview + Giveaway

Last May, Amy from fAveritte creations had contacted me for an interview about my ETSY shop.  Click here to read more about me and my shop.  I am also doing a toy leash giveaway (winner's choice) so head on over to Amy's blog and check it out! 

Amy is a fellow ETSY seller and  she makes some very cute things.  Best of all, she can turn your kid's artwork into a stuffed toy!  To see her shop fAveritte Creations, click here.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Recipe: Chococolate Sugar Cookies - Owls!

Recently we made gingerbread bat cookies which the kids loved. Today we made chocolate sugar cookie owls. They loved these even more!

To make:  Go to my Sugar Cookie Recipe Post and print off the recipe.  Add 3 TBSP of cocoa after you add the salt and flour.  Then follow the rest of the instructions! 

Note:  The dough will look like this

Cut out the owl eyes using a straw

Ta da!

Only  15 days until Halloween!

 Happy Baking!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Bread

We love banana bread and banana muffins but after a while, the kids start complaining "banana muffin again?" So yesterday we tried this apple cinnamon bread recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod.   The recipe was so easy to follow and uses every day ingredients that are in my refrigerator/pantry.

This is what it looked like when I made it.  I need a shorter pan.

This is what it looked like when they made it:

Photo Credit:  Two Peas & Their Pod

The recipe says to let it cool for 10 min and then take it out.  It started to crumble a bit so I cut the loaf in two.

That's ok though... it was just for us

Had to fancy it up a little for the kids.

 Le Yum!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

What We Do When Big Brother is in School

Half day kindergarten can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I get a mini break because the ratio of adults to children is now 1:1. A curse because we have to remain within a 10km radius of the school because school ends at 11:30am. When you factor in the whole pick up and drop off, Baby Bunny and I are left with about 2 hours (sometimes less) of free time.  So here's what we do:

We go to Spence Diamonds and touch very expensive rings. 

We go to the grocery store.

We go to swim class and after class, we try to sneak into the Ice Galaxy to see some figure skating. 

Then we head back to school and play hide and seek while we spy on big brother.   (Ya, I'm gonna stop doing that now that it's a wee bit colder outside).   We use the slide when we're not supposed to.

Sometimes we pretend that he is a kid at school by hanging up his bulldozer backpack.

Sometimes that backfires.   Especially when the door locks and he's not allowed in.  Poor bunny :(

Oh look, it's 11:30am and it is time to pick up big brother.   Then we go home, have lunch, and a nice nap.  Maybe I can get a chance to do some daytime sewing?  One can only hope :)

Friday, October 05, 2012

Applefest Fun at the Markham Museum

Since Joshie started school, we've all gone through a round of sickness. But since we missed Pioneer Fest at Black Creek Pioneer village, we decided to head up to Markham for Applefest.  We went last year and had a great time.

I'm really proud of how responsible Joshie is becoming. We never have to ask him to hold Baby Bunny's hand. He always reaches for it and is super protective.

We spent a nice day outdoors visiting the historic site.  Here he is guessing what type of fruits are in the preserve jars

We couldn't turn the apples this year because a little kid cut his finger on the apple peeler.

Joshie loved trying out the pioneer toys.  After playing with this wooden bear, Joshie asked hubby if he could make him one.  We'll see...

I'm looking forward to more fall fun!