Thursday, February 11, 2016

DIY Printing on Envelopes for Valentine's Day

I love the look of a printed envelope.  It's not hard to do but looks fantastic when it's done. 

This year, I didn't do anything spectacular for the kids' valentines.  We were told by the school to fill in the "from:" section of the cards and keep the "to:" field blank.   Hubby went out and bought some scratch/sniff cards for our kindie kid that came with envelopes.  Little man filled in the card but was too sick to write on the envelope.

To help him out, I drafted something quick on Photoshop.

However, I discovered the mini envelopes were too small for my printer.   Some of you will remember that I put paper lunch bags through my printer (here and here) without any problems.   So I decided to tape the envelopes to a sheet of paper in order for it to feed properly through my printer.  Here's how:
  1. Determine the smallest size of paper your printer can handle and cut a piece out.  Tape your envelope to the paper.
  2. Consider doing a test run on your sample paper so you know which side the flap should go.
  3. Check your work
  4. All done and ready to be stuffed.

 Seeing as how this was not a "mama" project, little (sick) man was my printer boy.

The envelopes were so cute when they were all stacked up.

We had lots of time left over to do some teacher envelopes.  I love using Photoshop.  I cannot believe I used to use Microsoft Word to design my envelopes (remember this?).

Happy Valentine's Day!

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