Monday, July 11, 2011

Stroller Bag Heaven

OK... I know the title sounds a little odd but I "heart" my new stroller bag.  I've been designing this bag in my sleep for the past two weeks and just finished it this past weekend.

It has everything I need and allows me to bring what I need vs lugging my whole life.
Available now for sale in my ETSY Shop.

Here is the finished product!

This is what I put inside:
- change pad, diapers, wipes
- nursing cover
- phone, wallet, camera
- snacks

Later I added some extra clothes for the kids.

When I don't need it, I can hang it up

Or roll it up

There are 2 pockets inside for easy access to a cell phone or wallet

Also fits onto my Sit 'n Stand

Cheeky Monkey doesn't complain anymore that my shoulder bag is hitting him in the back :o)

When we no longer need to use a stroller, we can use it with our grocery shopping cart!


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