Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tutorial: Heart Garland

Happy Valentine's Day! Over here, we're not doing much other than trying to get over a 3 week cold.  I have a terrible cough that isn't very attractive. On the decor front, we haven't done too much else with our new place. It's way too cold to do anything, even paint. And up until 5 minutes ago, I still had the Pom Pom Advent Calendar up with all of the Christmas cards we received.

This week was the 100th day of school.  Kiddo and I racked our brains trying to decide on what he wanted to do.  As Valentine's was coming up, I asked him if he wanted to cut out 100 hearts and I would help him sew it up.  I got "the look".  Truth be told, it was a selfish move on my part.  I really liked having the pom pom garland in our kitchen but it was time for that to come down.  If he was willing to do 100 hearts, then we'd have a nice garland once his teacher gave it back.

He decided on dry pasta coloured with food colouring for his 100th day.  Pretty, isn't it?

However, I still wanted a new garland.  Hence, little brother and I went to Michaels and picked up 6 pieces of felt. I wanted a colour combination that would last beyond the 1 day that is valentine's day. Hence, no red.

Then use a heart template + disappearing ink marker + scissors = lots and lots of hearts. I should've done the "math" to use up as much of the felt as possible. However, now I'm thinking of making a mini garland for upstairs. 


I played around with the colour combinations until I found something I liked.  Little guy decided not to nap and kept on re-arranging the colours.

Eventually I got tired of moving the hearts around...

I sewed them up using white thread. 

Then I hung it up in our kitchen.  Voila!  So simple and it really brightens up the place.

So far it has brightened my mood!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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