Monday, March 03, 2014

Pink Owl Toddler Backpack

At the end of last year, I made a tan train toddler backpack for Christy's son.   She liked it so much, that she decided to order another one, this time for her daughter.   It was a pleasure to work with her again.

She decided on a pink owl backpack.  (Excellent choice!! :o))

Here's a pic of us figuring out eye colour and beak/feet colours.  I love it when Moms like to work with me on the design.   Even when it's something small like figuring out eye colour or tiny details like the beak colour, I love it when they give me input!

The tan beak won out over yellow or dark brown. 

There's an elasticized pocket on one side and a big "M" on the other.  The "M" was done using "Cooper Black" font.

Here's a pic of the back.   I used a dark brown piping, bias tape, zipper and webbing.  If only the backpack connectors came in dark brown...

The quilted bottom

Here's the lining trimmed with navy bias tape.

I would have loved to do some outdoor pictures but we have so much snow and ice everywhere.   I am so ready for spring!

If you would like more information on my toddler backpacks, please view my 2014 Toddler Backpack FAQs.  However, if you know how to sew and would like to tackle this project, visit Made by Rae's website to purchase a PDF copy of the pattern.

Happy Sewing!
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