Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Superhero Toddler Backpack

Little people like superheroes.  Sometimes they like them cutesy.

Sometimes they like them not-so-cutesy. 

They go nuts when they see them in real life.  This is Brampton Batman!

So it totally made sense when I was asked to make a superhero backpack.

My friend Jess wanted a backpack for her youngest son to add to her collection of backpacks.   Last year I made these backpacks for her little guy and her nephew.   Here's a picture of one of the bags from this past summer.  What a cutie!

This time she wanted something superhero-like.  We agreed on the design.

Then got the final approval

This is the part of the backpack making process that I like the most... getting it already ready to be sewn!

Here is the finished product

Side pockets - great for waterbottles, napkins, and other tiny things. 

The lining

Inside out

Bottoms up!  The bottom is quilted for extra stability.

As always, I use real backpack connectors

I made this backpack early this year when we still had snow on the ground.  It is so hard to take pictures without a lot of natural light .  It is doubly hard to take pictures of black with red.   While it may look like the backpack is some shade of grey/black, it is indeed black denim.  These pics were all taken with my Samsung phone which somehow worked out better than my Canon.  Go figure.

Happy Sewing!

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