Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DIY Camp Pillows with Envelope Enclosure / Sandbanks Camping

Summer fun needs to include at least one camping trip.   To get a great site (or any site) at the most popular beaches in Ontario, you need to book early.   We were lucky to get a campsite at Sandbanks Provincial Park.  This place is our favourite because the beaches are amazing!

Camping with kids seems to mean the kids stuff takes up 80% of our trunk.  Hubby and I are left with next to nothing.  After last year's camping trip, I told everyone that bulky pillows were not allowed.  However, after a year passed, I softened my stance because I had an idea.  Why not cut up some old pillows and make mini pillows!

All you need to do is take an old pillow and cut it in half.  Pin the fabric together and sew (or serge) the ends.  That's it!  You can use an old pillowcase or make new ones.  I chose to make new ones and followed parts of a tutorial from Make it Love it.

The best part of the pillowcases were that they were enclosed so even if dropped, the pillow wasn't going to fall out.  The second best part was using stash fabric that was over 8 years old :o)

Here are the kids pillows:

Here are ours again

Right now because the kids are young, they are living a life of luxury (air mattress, their own tent, all the comforts of home...), while we are roughing it in sleeping bags and roll out mats.

Our site was great - except for the family of skunks living near our site.  Little guy had no idea that while he was wandering around the site, there was a family of skunks behind the tent.  Eek!

The water tap wasn't too far away.

We ate well every day.

We visited all 3 beaches - Dunes Beach, Outlet Beach, and Sandbanks Beach.  All were lovely but I have a thing for the dunes beach.  The sand is so soft and it's so much fun to run down the dunes.


The kids were never bored, although it helped to bring along some Scooby Doo comics.

We were sad to go.  It's always harder to take down a camp site vs putting one up.  But the weather was great and it was a breeze.   Goodbye site 71!

We went back to Sandbanks beach one more time before we did the 3 hour drive home.  So pretty...

I'm so glad the kids like camping.  There's something about being in nature which is very different from staying at a cottage.  However, I must say... roughing the outdoors is so much nicer when you have your own mini camp pillow!

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