Wednesday, November 23, 2016

DIY Coffee Cozies

Last week I shared with you that I went back to a traditional office environment. I thought my crafting days were over however, I soon discovered that even at work, I can find ways to make my day nicer.

My new company gives us free coffee and subsidizes our lunches (yay!).  I love free coffee but I really hated that my hands were getting burnt because the cardboard coffee sleeves kept falling off of my cup.  While I know I should be using a reusable cup, sometimes you just don't have time to wash the cup!

So I brought the paper cup home and made several until I felt that it was right.  This one is actually my second cozy.  I lost my first one at work.

Then I started making a bunch of cozies for my co-workers based on their favourite colours.  So far, I've made about 8 of these.

Cozies for everyone!

I think it makes the brown cup look better!

But truthfully, I was just happy to be able to get behind the machine and sew something quick and easy.

Somehow, these are all different sizes...

The back is just a simple linen from Ikea

These really are so easy to make and a lot of fun too!   There are a ton of tutorials and templates on the internet.  I ended up having to design my own because as it turns out, not all paper cups are the same.

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