Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sharing and Caring

This past Friday, Monkey had his very first dentist appointment.  He said the experience was "nice" and was so excited to get his loot bag (a.k.a.  toothbrush, floss, and colouring book).   We were so proud of him, especially since it was his first time!  Something happened that made us even prouder.

Monkey has always been the sweetest kid around but even more so on Friday.   After his dentist appointment, he was allowed to visit Dr. Status' treasure chest of fun toys.   He picked a toy for himself and was ready to leave when the receptionists told him to pick another for Baby Bunny.  Hubby said that he dug and dug through that treasure chest to find Baby Bunny the perfect toy.  What did he do?  He searched for a toy that was almost the same as what he got.  He wanted his little brother to have something that he also really liked too.  He even bypassed a dinosaur toy!!

Here's a pic of the toys.  Monkey's toy is the big one and Bunny's is the little one.  How sweet!

Baby Bunny loves Monkey and sometimes when we drive, they hold hands

Friday was also fun because it snowed again!  Not enough to make snowballs, not enough to shovel, but enough for it to come down like rain.  It melted but that's ok!  He kept trying to catch the snow.

So we are still playing with the pom poms until the real stuff comes down.

Kids are the best!

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