Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Dinosaur Sandwich and all Things Dinosaur

We are officially in Dinosaur phase and I'm wondering... was I ever in this phase or is this just a boy thing?  Recently, we were cleaning out the basement and rediscovered the coolest thing ever!  A dinosaur sandwich cutter from Williams Sonoma from Auntie V.  It's tall so you can cut sandwiches but I'm sure we can make cookies with it too.  It also comes with a handy case which can be used to hold his sandwiches.  I "heart" Williams Sonoma.

Monkey thought I was the best mom ever!  He decided to make a turkey and cheese sandwich and I let him help me cut it out.

He also wanted dino to have some eyes so we used chocolate chips.  Then he said dino should have eyes on both sides.   Such a smartie! 

So did he eat the whole thing?  Yes!  After all, once you cut out the dinosaur, it's like half a sandwich!  Who ate the rest?  Dada of course!

Continuing the dinosaur trend... we have:

Dino PJs

Dino Water Bottle

and Dino Toys, Socks, books, etc...  

He still hasn't forgotten his dino birthday cake.

I wonder what the next phase will bring? What are your kids obsessed with?


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