Tuesday, August 07, 2012

2012 Scarborough Ribfest

Scarborough Ribfest at Thomson Park is an annual tradition for us. It's held over the August long weekend and runs from Friday to Monday. Pre-kids, we would go every day with a different group of friends. We live relatively close to Thomson Park and have many ways of getting there on foot. One way which is rarely used, is to cut through Amberdale Park. It looks like a tiny parkette but when you walk through it, it's actually a really cool trail that leads right to Thomson Park.

We always like to go for opening lunch because it's relatively empty and allows us to have our pick of the table and not have to worry so much about the kids getting lost. Most of the ribbers were the same this year but I did notice that the Thirsty Cactus was missing from the line up. That's too bad because the kids really wanted to ride their mechanical pig like last year.

As always, every ribber had a sign saying they were #1 for one reason or another (best sauce, best ribs, best chicken, etc). Makes it hard to choose but we didn't choose wrong this year. We ate at Crabby's and had the chicken and ribs.  I would totally go back again!

The next time we went, we ate at Blazin'BBQ. I like to go there because they are the only ones who serve beef ribs. Their sauce has a bite to it so we didn't feed their ribs to the kids.

We let Joshie play the ducks game (he remembered it from the time we went to Taste of Lawrence) but Matteo refused to play at the last minute.  He was a little bit scared from all of the noise.

Next up was roll a ball.  I was really surprised at how good Joshie was at playing the game. He was able to move his little cow forward but just wasn't as fast as the adults. My heart broke a little when he discovered that he didn't win. He actually whispered to me "Mama, why didn't I win?".

The big event was Joshie's first Carousel ride. He was a little nervous at first but by Monday, he was smiling and waving like a pro. Baby Bunny refused to get on the carousel but by Monday, he was ready to try.  By the time the ride was over, he wouldn't get off the horse!

Everyone was a little hyper upon our return home.  But as the kids went to bed, I promised them that I would try to make them a homemade roll a ball game out of their diaper boxes.  DIY never ends!


  1. Were there any stalls that carry halal non-veg food? I wish there were more of these vents that also provided halal foods. Looks good!

    1. Hi Omee - there were many other vendors but I don't think any were halal non-veg. To come to think of it, there weren't many vegetarian options either (pizza, corn, fries, big onions). But they had way more variety this year by adding souvlaki and jerk chicken vendors. We didn't eat there every day, we took the kids there one night for the sights, rides, and games.