Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tutorial: Chair Sling

Today we are turning on the TV for the kiddies and sewing a very basic chair sling. By the time the kids finish watching Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs, Dragon, and Thomas, we will have a nice new chair sling to hold stuff like bibs or Baby Bunny's eating tray.

Some highchairs will come with a sling underneath the chair. But, if you've graduated to a booster seat like the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster chair, there's no chair sling because the booster connects to a regular chair. Now that Baby Bunny likes to climb into his chair, he will throw his tray on the floor. We have so many dents from falling forks, trays, cups, lego, etc. We can actually tell where he's been based on the marks on our hardwood floor. 

Skill Level: Easy
Items Needed: Fabric, Measuring Tape, Snaps, Chair that has two bars underneath  
Average Time: 20 minutes

Measure your chair... L and W from bar to bar.  Measure the width of the bar.

Cut your fabric and add 4" to the length (the front part of the chair) and 1/4" to each of the width measurement:  The amount you will add for the length is dependent on how much fabric you would like to have to fold over and under the bar.

Cut one piece:  L + 4" (this is where measuring the bar comes in handy) x W + 0.5"

My fabric was non-fraying so I didn't really need to finish the raw edges with a zig zag stitch.  But since I already cut out the fabric, I folded and pressed 1/4" and then used a zig zag to stitch it on.  Once it's done, place it on the chair rails and mark where the snaps should go.  Insert your snaps and you are done!

We put some bibs in there and some toys.  Overall, I prefer keeping the tray under the chair.  Keeps it tidy and helps out with the dent problems.

I'm pretty sure I could have enjoyed one or two sips of tea if I didn't waste my time finishing the edge.  Lesson learned for next time...

Still trying to keep the house clean,


  1. What a fantastic idea! We just used the booster as a high chair for our second and that would have been super handy...

    1. Thanks Jenn! We love knowing that the tray is somewhere nearby. It's so funny how that thing gets tossed around the house but now it stays underneath the chair!