Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Wiksten Tank

After I made this Wiksten tank for Made by Rae's spring sewalong, I thought I'd make a ton of them. But summer went by so fast and by the end of August, I only had 1 still! So, here's my second attempt at the Wiksten.

This time I used a much lighter fabric (stole the idea of using Ikea fabric from another spring sewalong participant). Rae had a great idea of modifying the pattern to minimize any gaps along the back (click here to see what she did) and it worked really great for me! I ended up going up a size to size small and then using her recommendations. This made the armhole area a bit roomier.

I wasn't paying attention to the directions so I ended up putting the armhole/neck facings backwards.  Oops... good thing it still looks ok this way.

The second time around, it was so much easier.  I only needed 1M of fabric to make this shirt so for $3.99, I'd say that wasn't too bad!

Here's a pic of me wearing this at the Art Gallery.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Cute top! I like the script on it :)

  2. Wow , I wish I could sew like that, it looks perfect to me!

  3. My surname is Wiksten. Thought it was funny^^ The tank looks awesome!:D

    1. :o) Your last name is famous in these parts! I love Wiksten patterns.