Tuesday, October 09, 2012

What We Do When Big Brother is in School

Half day kindergarten can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I get a mini break because the ratio of adults to children is now 1:1. A curse because we have to remain within a 10km radius of the school because school ends at 11:30am. When you factor in the whole pick up and drop off, Baby Bunny and I are left with about 2 hours (sometimes less) of free time.  So here's what we do:

We go to Spence Diamonds and touch very expensive rings. 

We go to the grocery store.

We go to swim class and after class, we try to sneak into the Ice Galaxy to see some figure skating. 

Then we head back to school and play hide and seek while we spy on big brother.   (Ya, I'm gonna stop doing that now that it's a wee bit colder outside).   We use the slide when we're not supposed to.

Sometimes we pretend that he is a kid at school by hanging up his bulldozer backpack.

Sometimes that backfires.   Especially when the door locks and he's not allowed in.  Poor bunny :(

Oh look, it's 11:30am and it is time to pick up big brother.   Then we go home, have lunch, and a nice nap.  Maybe I can get a chance to do some daytime sewing?  One can only hope :)