Monday, September 16, 2013

It's September already!

The days are motoring over here! September always feels like a blur because of labour day weekend + baby bunny's birthday + the start of school.

Bunny is no longer a baby but a big boy!  My Mom made him a minion cake (we finally watched DM1). 

I made a ton of cookies.

I also sewed a Happy Birthday banner.

We got new windows to replace the really old ones at our new house (hoping this is the last major home reno).

I was super diligent about packing kiddo's first school lunch.  Obviously I gave him too much food.  I just didn't want him to go hungry.  Well, it turns out that kiddo gets only 1 recess + 1 lunch so most of it came back.  I was very proud that he ate his veggies and fruits instead of the cookies!

There's probably a ton of stuff I've forgotten but between doing our own home renos + sewing more custom backpacks + taking care of the kids, it's all a blur!

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1 comment:

  1. Belated happy birthday to the kid, heheh. I mean, what else to celebrate the birthdays with, than a new set of windows for home remodeling. Nothing speaks of revitalization and renewal than those, giving new pair of eyes for the residents, while a new look of your habitat for the passersby.

    Mason @ Renewal Of Maine