Friday, September 20, 2013

Yellow Toddler Backpack - Dump Truck and Bulldozer: So Happy Together...

These little backpacks are ready for pick up.

I've made these before.  The bulldozer was originally designed for Baby Bunny and the dump truck has been popular amongst the little guys.  If you click on the links above, you can see more details behind the bags.

We had some fun taking pics of these ones.  Baby Bunny and I thought of some things that two little boys (cousins and perhaps best friends) would do.  So we set off to take some pics.

Hanging out in the kitchen...

Sitting on our favourite rock

Playing on the swings

Chilling on the deck

Riding the school bus

Playing firefighter

Trying to balance on the teeter totter swing

And when they are too tired to play outside, it's time to come in and watch some Busy Town.

It was nice letting Baby Bunny help.  He's already dying to use my sewing machine but was willing to settle for being my model.

Until next time!

(p.s.  If you'd like to see more backpack pics, please go to the Toddler Backpack FAQs)
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