Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lion Toddler Backpack for "M"

"In the jungle, the mighty jungle..."  That song has been in my head the ENTIRE time I was designing and sewing this backpack.

Two years ago, "J"s mom asked me to make her son a dump truck backpack for school.  She was really wonderful to work with and is the only Mom who was brave enough to ask for white piping and straps. We went through several iterations for the design - probably because they were on a waiting list and little "M" was deciding between an elephant and a lion.  I really like the end result.  Secretly, I was afraid he would pick the elephant. 

Here's how we started

But then M's mom was looking for a bit more "pop" so went went with a white mane instead of dark brown.

Something didn't look right and after a couple more emails, we decided on some whiskers and a mouth.

Now to finish the bag... I still needed to put an "M" somewhere on the bag but didn't think it would look right on the lion's body.  So I put it on the side of the bag.  The other side has an elasticized pocket.

The lining is the last of my green hippos

Like all of my backpacks, this one has a quilted bottom, padded straps, a hanging loop, and real backpack connectors. 

I really like this guy

He's great at going for walks at the pond (hubby was wondering why we were gone so long)

Hanging out in the old tree

Walking over the bridge

and just being silly with the Halloween decorations.

Good bye Lion!  It's been fun making you. 

Until next time,

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