Thursday, October 30, 2014

DIY: Play-doh Halloween Loot Bags for Times when you can't Give away Candy...

Our school has a policy of "no food sharing".  So when it comes time for special events like Halloween and Birthdays, it's a little more challenging than bringing in a birthday cake or buying mini chocolates.  We, like other parents, have been giving out pencils and erasers.  By now, we have given and received enough pencils to last for years.

The other day, hubby and I were at the store and we saw the perfect little non-food treat. Play-doh!

While it should be enough to just hand it out at school, hubby and I like to go the extra mile.  Or as some might say, "we've got too much time on our hands".   Hence, we did a little extra work to try to make the play-doh a little more "halloweeny".

  • Play-doh
  • Small clear plastic bags 
  • A hubby with photoshop knowledge

Here's what we did:

Measure the width of your plastic bags and design a graphic that will fit the width.  The height is up to you.  We wanted ours printed as a 4" x 6" photo so our graphic was approx 2" tall.  This allowed us to squeeze 2 graphics onto the 4" x 6".

Once the graphic is done, have it printed at a photo lab.  At $0.15 a photo, it's affordable and nice!    This is is what it looked like before it was folded.

Here's what it looks like when folded.  The words are the front and the graveyard is the back.  Make sure you orient the back properly when you design the bag label so that it is right side up when folded.

Line up your supplies.  Then place the play-doh into the plastic bag and seal it.

Staple on your label and you're done!

Make sure you have enough for all the kids. 

Ta da!  Put them in a bag to take to school.  Done and done!  No candy and no pencils!

Happy Halloween!

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