Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Costumes: Easy Skeleton DIY and Obi-Wan

We get pretty excited about Halloween over here for a couple of reasons:  1) dress up time!  and 2) it's getting closer to Joshie's birthday. 

For Obi Wan - It was really easy to put together his costume.  Unfortunately I didn't make a tutorial because part of this costume was made this past February.  Both kids were invited to a Star Wars themed party and I made him a raglan sleeve Obi-Wan robe.  While I might have grumbled a bit (a lot!) while sewing Josh his robe, I am so thankful now that I didn't have to sew as much.   All I had to do was make a vest and a sash to go over the vest.  This costume is great because it can go under his winter coat, or over it!

I wanted Teo to be a knight so I could re-use this costume.  But, he wears hand me downs all the time and Halloween is his chance to decide what to wear.  For months, he said he wanted to be a vampire and he ran around the house wearing last year's bat cape.  Then he decided he wanted to be a skeleton. Yay!  We had everything at home to make his costume except for pants which I ended up buying at Walmart for $6.

So here's how to make it.

You need:
  • Long sleeve black t shirt
  • Long pants 
  • White jersey scraps
  • Heat n bond

Before you start, find your inspiration.  This was mine.

Make a template for the bones.  Then draw your bones into the heat 'n bond paper.  Remember that you need to draw the picture on the inverse as you will fuse the paper to the back of your jersey.  I forgot, so I had to redraw some of the bones.  Make sure you keep the template in a ziploc bag in case you need to make another costume. Once you have the bones drawn, fuse the heat 'n bond to the back side of your jersey fabric.  Cut out your pieces.

Layout is important so peel off the heat 'n bond paper and line up your bones on the shirt and pants.

Make sure that the "arm" bones go on top of the arm vs on the side.

If it all looks good, iron it on.  You don't have to sew on the bones.  As the hip bones are close to the opening, I used a straight stitch to sew around the bones for added strength.

Now we have a skeleton to go with our front yard's graveyard.

The kids have worn their costumes 3 times already.  Once to their grandparents, and twice for pre-Halloween trick or treating at Bruce's Mill and the Museum.  Hey Batman!!

We went to the mall yesterday and Josh pointed out this costume at H&M.  Sigh...  Although I have this thing where I have to make the costumes, I have to remind myself that it's ok to buy one once in a while.

Happy Halloween - I hope you have your costumes ready!

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