Saturday, December 19, 2015

Advent Calendar Revisited

Two years ago, I had made a pom pom advent calendar.  Once Christmas was over, I stored it away in the basement and we couldn't find it last year.  Oops.  This year, #1 found the pom poms and asked if we could do advent again because he enjoyed it so much last time. 

I didn't have time to print out new envelopes.  I just printed out the numbers on a sheet of paper.

Then I wrote the advent activity on the back of the paper.

Then attached them to the garland.

The kids love it and I have to admit, it's fun thinking of ideas for them to do after school.  So far we have gone to the Lego Store, we've done scavenger hunts, art projects, and eaten some chocolate.   My lucky children are going to see the new Star Wars movie with my mom today.

It's been difficult to top all the fun from November.  

We visited Santa's House at Scarborough Town Centre.  IMO, the best Santa house in the GTA.

Then skated at the Air Canada Centre.  Go Leafs!

Got to meet the Octonauts!!!

Went to the Christmas Market for carols and a sleep over at my sister's place.  #2 really wants nesting dolls to hide his stuff.

I'm definitely keeping the little sheets of paper for ideas for next year!  

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