Monday, December 21, 2015

DIY: How to Wrap a Cookie Tin

I love baking cookies.  I think I like baking more than I like eating the cookies.  Well, almost.  Now that we are deep into the festive season, I'm toting along cookies to every party we attend.  It feels weird bringing a cookie tin in a gift bag so I like to "wrap" it.

First we start off with cookies!  I like to line my tins with a coffee filter to keep things tidy.

I also like to let folks know what's in the tin.

Depending on who is carrying the tin into the party, I also use some clear tape to seal the tin.

Next up is some gold ribbon.

I tie the ribbon on.  You can also put a little bit of tape on the ribbon underneath the tin for extra security.

I like to add a tag so they know it's from me.

Done!  It's ready to bring to the next party.

What are you baking?  I'd love to try out some new recipes!

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