Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Knitting Club for Kids

I'm so excited!  Today is the first day of knitting club at school. I am co-teaching a class of about 20 kids who want to learn how to knit.

The school wanted us to teach the children to knit so that our creations could then be donated to two local hospitals:  The Toronto Sick Kids Woolies Program and to the Scarborough Hospital.

We bought some Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Yarn in white, pink, blue and green.   We wanted other colours but Michaels had a limited supply.  We also drove ourselves nuts driving to every Walmart within a 50km radius to find enough 10" Size 8 needles.

Our first project will be a baby blanket made of garter squares.  By the end, we should hopefully have enough squares to make several 36" x 36" baby blankets.

The next project will be little hats and booties.  They are so teeny tiny.  I can't believe my little guys used to be this small.

I have to admit that I was really enjoying making prototypes.

I got to play around with intarsia style knitting vs swiss darning.  I think swiss darning looks a little neater.  (Hint:  It's the one on the right).

I also used Photoshop to make little booklets to help them learn how to knit. 

I packed up my portion of the kits that we were giving to the kids.  Each bag had a set of needles, yarn, and knitting poem. 

I cannot wait to see how this turns out!!!!

p.s.  I also learned continental style knitting for knit and purl because we have a lefty in the group. 

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