Tuesday, March 01, 2016

GAPtastic Cowl for Kids

A GAPtastic Cowl for kids.  You knew it had to come to this because I've got the knitting bug.   After making several GAPtastics for adults, I wanted to make one that was kid-sized.  When my son was invited to his friend's 8th birthday party, I decided to add a cowl to her package of presents.

I cast on 95 sts and did a seed stitch.

Last time, I said I wanted to do a stretchy bind on and bind off.  So I did!  If you don't know how to do this, here is a YouTube video that shows you how to do a stretchy bind on and here is one for the stretchy bind off.   As you can see the pink Gaptastic has a straighter edge as a result of doing the stretchy bind on/off.

When it came to weaving in the ends, I decided to split the yard so it wasn't as noticeable.

I ended up tying a knot at the base before I weaved in the yarn tail.

I used one skein for this project and only had a small handful of yarn left.

The day we gave her the cowl, it was -25C.  Although it was beautiful outside, it was very very cold! 

Birthday girl loved her cowl and wore it to school the next day.  She was so cute in it!

Unfortunately, no one was around to model the cowl when I made it, so I decided to put it on.  Seems like the kid size can fit an adult too!

On another note, I am learning how to design my own personalized sloper set through BurdaStyle Academy.   When I finish the class, hopefully I'll have something to share!  In the meantime, more knitted cowls to follow.

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