Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Beach... in November!!

In a couple of weeks, it'll probably be snowing so it's nice that we were able to go to the beach yesterday and enjoy the nice weather.  We promised Monkey all summer that we would take him to the beach but somehow, we never made it there.  So when we saw that it was going to be 17C, we decided that we had to go.  Pre-kids, hubby, sis, and I used to play beach volleyball with our friends every Thursday night.  My, how times have changed...

We collected the sand toys, brought some snacks and wore our hoodies in case it was breezy. We never made it too far down the boardwalk because Monkey wanted to toss rocks in the water.

What an arm!  His rock looks like a flyer saucer!

 How far did it go?

Choose the right pebble!

Bunny wants to try too!

Next up... maybe the museum again... maybe the art gallery...  maybe Casa Loma?
So many great places to choose from!


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