Sunday, November 20, 2011

Royal Ontario Museum... again!

Last week we went to the ROM again.  The kids cannot get enough of this place!
This time we decided to take it slow and we mostly stayed in the biodiversity section.

Here are some random pictures... Monkey was very upset when he saw the video with the trapped turtle.  We watched it many times.  He just couldn't understand why anyone would do that.  He's so sweet!

Then we went to the Discovery Gallery for some more fun

My budding paleontologist

Here is bunny hiding behind the abacus

I wanted to get this at lunch but forgot

Mammoth tooth!

Triceratops or Styracosaurus? 

Kids love to touch stuff!

We saw this guy in the elevator

Joshie's fave!  He calls it the "Lemon/Lime"

Pretty fall day

Heading home...  kids are asleep... aah!!!


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