Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free Stuff - Yes I got Free Stuff!

The last couple of days has yielded me some free stuff.  Who doesn't like free stuff, right?
(Actually, one was a replacement item but I'm counting into this happy post)

The kids got some free stuff too.  Bubble wrap!

Popping Hands!

Stomping Feet!

Item 1:  Designer Travel Wipes Case with Diaper Strap - Dinos in Black     
I entered a web contest from A Sprouting Acorn to win a Dinosaur wipes case from an ETSY shop called Playful Peanut.  Kids are into everything Dinosaur.  Remember the post about Danny and the Dinosaur?   Although I haven't been contacted to provide my details, I hope to hear soon as the kids are going to be so happy to see this.

Item 2:  A Hanky Book

L'il Sugar sponsored a giveaway from a company called Hanky Book.  It's a fabric book that you can use like a hanky, and then toss into the washing machine!  Cool, huh?   Here's a link to Hanky Book's website.  They asked me to pick 3.  These are the ones I chose.

Last but not least...

Item 3: Replacement Scissors from Fiskars

Awesome customer service from Fiskars.  I purchased a pair of new scissors and I sent them a note because the scissors were really hard to open and close.  I had already used them so I wasn't sure what to do with them.  Well, they sent me a replacement pair at no extra cost.  I love you Fiskars!


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