Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Cheeky Monkey!

Happy Birthday Cheeky Monkey!!!  We ended up having 2 parties (even though we swore we wouldn't do that again).

Popo made him this dinosaur cake.  He did not want to cut the stegosaurus so we had to cut around it.  Needless to say, it was really hard to share this cake

He got lots of toys... magnadoodle, kitchen play dishes, cards, etc.  He didn't sleep that night. 

Our next party was with hubby's side of the family.  Everyone came to our place and the kids put on their costumes.  Monkey was Batman and Bunny was Superbaby.  We couldn't find a Superman bucket so Bunny has a Spiderman bucket to go with his Superman outfit.

Making trouble...

Monkey loves his new table hockey game 

Last stop on the birthday train...  the Markham Museum!  Today is his actual birthday and he had asked to have a day with dada, mama, and baby. So, we promised to take him for a special night out at the Markham Museum for trick or treat! 

We got there later than expected due to traffic so it was hard to take good pictures.

Welcome!  Some areas were definitely creepy due to the old buildings and all.  This, not creepy.  The kids liked it!

Taking a walk with Dada


They went to a lot of effort!

Here he is looking at a witch.   Not sure if he's scared but he is definitely waiting for something to go into the Batman bucket.

Happy Birthday Sweet Cheeks!  Now we can look forward to one more round of Trick or Treating and then it's time for Santa! 


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