Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY: Toddler Apron

I made this for one of Josh's friend "H".   When Josh was about 2 years old, Popo made him the cutest choo choo train apron.  Every time we would cook or bake, he would rush to put it on.  He was obsessed with choo choo trains so he was pretty happy to have this apron.

This past summer we went to a cooking class and he was so proud to wear his choo choo train apron.  He really liked the class - not sure if it was the food or the fact that he got to use a knife!  Here are some of the yummy things he made.

Josh was the only kid in class with his own toddler sized apron.   His little friend H didn't have one.   When we were invited to go to little H's birthday party, I made her a personalized apron.  I sewed the apron using his choo choo apron as a guide.  The neck strap has D-ring connectors to make it adjustable and I used bias tape for the ties.  I decided to use bias tape to wrap up the whole apron because it gives it a clean look.  

The applique was done with felt.  I sewed it on with a simple straight stitch (instead of zig zag) since felt doesn't fray.

I hope she likes it!


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