Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jello, Riverdale Farm, ROM, Kindergarten, New Bedroom... in no particular order...

It's been a hectic week so I'm glad I have a chance to sit down and type a little while everyone is sleeping (including hubby).  My mom would probably ask me why I wasn't sleeping but it's my time for a break before the madness starts.

So last week was a busy one...

We went with my sister to the ROM (yes again!!) but I warned her that we probably wouldn't cover a lot of ground cuz the kids are slow.  We went to the European section first this time and stood on Europa.  Then we strolled again through the Dino collection and spent a lot of time in the kids play area.

The family and I visited one of our local schools to check out J/K.  Eek!!!  My baby is going to school in September.  We are going to visit one more before we make a final decision.

 This could be his school next year!!

We went crazy making jello jigglers - or as Joshie likes to call them "jiggler jugglers".   We used their favourite Sesame Street characters.

We went to our first "Little Farmers" class at Riverdale Farm and met "Rooster" the horse.  I was very proud of Joshie for braving the very very cold temperatures.  Can't wait to meet the chickens! 

The biggest change OF ALL TIME for us was getting the kids into the same bedroom and getting our own space back.   Back in August, I wrote about the end of the baby phase for Baby Teo.   This is definitely the end of the baby phase now that he is in a big boy bed with bed rails.  

As for crafting... haven't had a chance to do anything off of my to-do list.  I've had a lot of orders come through and something exciting coming up later this month for my little shop.   

Next up... need to get ready for all the birthdays coming up and especially for Chinese New Year!  I'm exhausted!


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