Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY: Trunk Protector Mat

Today we are making a Trunk Protector Mat!  We're finally getting snow in Toronto and the stroller gets pretty messy with the snow and salt.     

I'm a Mama who doesn't like to clean.  I like to cover things when possible to make my life easier.  When Joshie was a baby, I made this stroller liner just so I wouldn't have to clean out the stroller so much.  We recently got a new car and said goodbye to our tiny two door car.  When we were using my old car, I didn't mind tossing my stroller in the trunk.  However, with a new car, it's nice to keep it clean - at least for a little bit.  

Here's what you need:
Clear packing tape
Large cardboard
Table cloth - waterproof on one side and fuzzy on the other.

How to:
(I didn't take pictures of the "how to" because it's pretty easy to put this together.)

1.  Measure your trunk and cut your cardboard to size
2.  Wrap the cardboard with your table cloth (water proof side should be facing up)
3.  Tape tape tape everything so that the table cloth is firmly attached to the cardboard
4.  Pop it in your trunk and don't worry about the mess!