Monday, June 25, 2012

Leslieville Tree Festival

Sunday was my first outdoor show at Leslie Grove Park in Leslieville.

Both kids caught a cold so we didn't bring them with us.  For the past couple of days, I was fretting about the weather.   Doing an outdoor show is always risky, even if you have a tent!  This is what the weather network said our day would look like.   Thundershowers!!!

But we didn't get the torrential downpour, just a couple of light sprinkles to keep us cool. Phew!   Amanda at Leaf was really nice about giving us a table with good foot traffic near the entrance at Queen/Jones.

Here are some pics from my table display.  As we all know from an earlier post, hubby is a whiz at many things.  This time, he built me two stands to display my toy leashes.  I also brought some tricycle bags, stroller bags, and Teo's brand new bulldozer backpack.

Here's an up close shot of his backpack.  I didn't tell him that I made this for him until AFTER we got back from the show.  

I missed the tree planting part of the day, but I did get to see the scary scarecrow on stilts and a performance by Zero Gravity Circus.

Overall, we had a great time!   Special thanks to hubby who didn't get to watch the Euro Cup (Go Italia!) but we made it to the TV just in time to watch the kick off.   Also special thanks to my friends and family that came by for moral support!


  1. I was excited to meet you in real life! The bulldozer backpack is adorable. Hope the kids are feeling better today.

    1. I was excited to meet you too! Too bad our tables weren't a bit closer. How's #2? She had tears in her eyes when we left. I think she had a little fall?

  2. It seems like it has a nice festival and your stand looks lovely...that backpack is gorgeous! I seem to have missed a few posts, so off to make a cup of coffee and to have a look around. Also thank you for the very sweet comment...I am now back to blogland, and you can find out on my blog what ( or who) kept me away :-)