Saturday, June 02, 2012

Cha-cha-changes... Junior Kindergarten & The Royal Ontario Museum

This week I watched my little boy grow up a little bit.  Normally I don't notice the subtle changes until I go back and watch old videos.  This week he really showed me that he's growing up.   Here's what happened:

1.  Junior Kindergarten Visit

On Monday, we went to his school for a pre-junior kindergarten visit.  He wore his little man uniform shirt, a pair of shorts, runners, and his little backpack.  He really did look like a little man.  I was really proud of his ability to hold his own.  I was a little worried what it would be like, as he'll be one of the youngest in his class this September.  This visit was good for both of us... he got to see his class and I get to worry a little less.

Here's what made me smile:  1) He said "hi everyone" to the kids in the class without being prompted  2) He raised his hand to answer a question 3) He stood up in front of the class and read the number "14".   For a kid that has never been in daycare, he was really good!  I was surprised he could sit still for so long because I was getting fidgety.  But when a fly came into the classroom, he got distracted as did all of the other students.

Here's a picture of him finding something on the ground.  His "homework" has been all but forgotten.

2.  Visit to the Royal Ontario Museum with his friends

On Wednesday, we went to the Royal Ontario Museum with his little friend H.   They met at a kids party and then ended up taking some classes together (cooking and numbers) through the Ontario Early Years Centres.  This is the same friend that got this apron for her birthday.  

What really stuck out for me was that he was being "Mr Tour Guide" and telling her about all the cool stuff at the museum.  It was almost like he was showing off what he knew!  He was also really brave about going into the bat cave. -

When Matteo lost his shoe (worst thing that can happen in his world), Joshie stayed behind with his friend at the knights exhibit.  While I was busy hunting down the shoe, he showed her his favourite piece in the European collection (the "Lemon Lime" dish).  

Pals who like dinosaurs:
Must dig for bones... Poor Matteo is too short to dig for bones.

3.  Play Time with Little Bro

I hear him saying things like:
  • It's not like that.  Do you want me to show you how?
  • You get the first one you touch!
  • You need to take turns!
  • Do you want to play with me?

So yes, my baby is growing up.  I'm totally going to be the Mom that cries on his first day of school. 


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