Thursday, July 05, 2012

Bulldozer Toddler Backpack

This toddler backpack was made especially for Baby Bunny. I spent a lot of time trying to decide between his favourites: choo choo train, buses, garbage truck, and cars. Every time I make a backpack, he always asks if it's for him so this time, I designed this one especially for him.

My favourite part of this backpack is the label placement.  Looks great as the back light.  If I had the foresight to shift the bulldozer to the right, I would have placed the label right above the shovel.

Here are the side views.  I decided to do a flat pocket instead of an elasticized pocket.  I like that it looks sleek but next time, I'll put in 1 or even 2 elasticized pockets.  The superheroes need a place to go.

I also found this cool stars fabric at my local sewing shop.  So of course I had to have it and love how the lining turned out. 

Here is a pic of the backpack inside out so you can see the lining.  It's such a happy print!  If the fabric was a heavier weight, I would use it as my outer fabric.

I hid a little "m" at the back.  It's small enough not to be too noticeable. 

It's so nice to make things for your kids - especially when they are so happy to see it.  The little guy knew I made it for him and said "Mama made it!". 

Not even 24 hours after I gave him the backpack, I saw this...

and then this!  Aah!!  The horror!

The good news is that pen ink comes out really easily with a bit of hairspray.  Phew! 

Happy Sewing,


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