Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer in the City... Taste of Lawrence

Nothing says summer like street fairs!   For years now, we've been going to the Taste of Lawrence street festival.  I remember when it used to be really really small. 

It's a nice little festival...  I discovered a really cool quilting shop called Sewing Machine Factory Outlet in a tiny strip plaza.  If you're into sewing, you have to go in.  They have a huge selection of really nice fabrics!

There's a big selection of truck food

Entertainment (fire guy!)


Kid in a bubble was probably my favourite to watch.  I think the "Canada Bubbles" attraction was new for this year.

There's always room for some carnie games.  Unfortunately our favourite was closed!

That's ok though... we had fun watching the carpet slide with the bear.

Joshie tried his first game and won a little dolphin

 By the end of the night, we all had some cones and headed on home. 

 Can't wait for the next one...  Happy Summer!

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  1. That bubble thing is hilarious...we always assume that street festivals will be too crowded so talk ourselves out of going, seems I should change my attitude about that!