Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Bata Shoe Museum

So it's summer and there's not enough time to be writing, playing, and running my Josh & Teo ETSY shop.  There's a ton of stuff to do here in Toronto and every weekend is a festival of some sorts.   I almost need a vacation from summer!  Of course the kids are so happy to be running around outside, riding in their tricycle gang, and enjoying some cool treats.

It's always nice to check out new venues so I took them to the Bata Shoe Museum.  We go to the ROM so often that it's nice to see something different!  The promise of a scavenger hunt and puppet theatre lured us into the Bata Shoe Museum.  It's been years since I first went with my friend T.  We both wore our Fluevogs of course!

So a shoe museum is pretty much all about shoes.  Surprisingly the kids had fun!  They thought these very big feet were really funny.  Baby Bunny kept on saying "dat's funny!"

We then went to the puppet theatre.  It started off with the kids but ended with hubby.

I really wanted to see the Roger Vivier exhibit.  The shoes were so beautiful - a far cry from my mom-shoes.  The kids couldn't understand why I kept on staring at the shoes.  My fave were these orange beauties!  I love how the addition of the little bow makes these shoes really stand out.

We did our scavenger hunt.  Baby bunny had no patience but Joshie was really good at searching for the shoes.  We saw shoes from many cultures and eras.  I love the Louis Vuitton shoe closet!

We ended with a certificate for Joshie - none for Baby Bunny!

What a fun place! 

The Bata Shoe Musuem is located at 327 Bloor St. West, in downtown Toronto

Enjoy your summer!


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