Saturday, December 29, 2012

Appliqued Drawstring Pouch

After I made the monkey drawstring pouch for the barrel of monkeys, I made another one using some scrap jersey.   I have a lot of scrap jersey... it's one fabric I cannot part with. I use it mainly for appliques for things like a toddler backpack, or a tricycle bag.   Appliques are my thing...

Instead of folding the straps and sewing them down, I ran them through my new serger.  I am still a little afraid of my serger and used a 4 thread stitch.  I think a rolled hem would have been better but until I learn how to thread it properly, this is what I will do!

The best thing about working with t-shirt jersey is that it doesn't fray so sewing this was even faster!

What went in the pouch?

That stuff is GOLD!  I use Healthy Hands since my hands get chapped from constantly washing my hands in the daytime and sewing with denim at night.

Yay again for scrap fabric!


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