Friday, December 28, 2012

Tutorial: Simple Drawstring Bag

Hard to wrap gift + scrap flannel + sewing machine/serger + napping kids = a simple drawstring pouch.

Who here doesn't have a stash of fabric scraps that you "might" use?  I made these PJs for my son when he was 2.  I have been holding onto the remnants since then. 

I decided to make a simple drawstring pouch to store the gift and I love that the fabric is yellow so it matches the barrel.   The best part is that this is re-useable and good for the environment.

Here's how to make a simple drawstring pouch (reads from left to right)

Test your pouch by putting the barrel in it.  If it fits, move onto the drawstring.  Cut 2 strips of fabric to your desired length.  I usually cut 2 x width of pouch + 2 inches.  You can always cut it if it's too long but it's a pain to lengthen a too short strap.

Press the fabric in half , open, and press both sides in again (almost like a bias tape).  Sew and that's it!

Thread the bag from opposite ends and tie a knot on all 4 ends.

Well, there you have it!   This doubles up as a little toy bag for action figurines or little cars.  So easy and ready by the end of naptime.

Just monkeying around...  (ya ya bad joke)

Yay for scrap fabric!

The holidays were quite busy so I missed most of the Ruby Star Wrapping Series from Sew Mama Sew!
Ruby Star Wrapping is a book with ideas to inspire you to reuse items you already have to wrap your gifts.  Less landfill is always a good thing.   Check it out... it's not too late to be inspired for the next upcoming holiday!

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