Monday, December 24, 2012

Baking is Done... now I can say Merry Christmas!!

So every year I go a little bit crazy baking for us and everyone. At the end of it all, I always say, "never again!" But here I am again :o)

So this year, we made giant gingerbread boys (which still have to be decorated with jube jubes and m&ms).   

We ended up making a lot of gingerbread which the kids helped to decorate.

We filled up some Ikea Burken jars with cookies (inspired by this post at One Chic Mom) and wrapped them with bows before handing them out.

We ended up making the coconut treats from that post too.  More on that at a later date...

We also made some sugar cookies which are iced and ready to be packed too.

I'm done!!!!   I am hanging up my baking apron for the next couple of days.  Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!


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