Tuesday, February 23, 2016

DIY Crayon Roll

DIY Crayon rolls are so great to have around. We have several at home which hold our Crayola crayons and Pipsqueak markers. I've been sewing crayon rolls for many years now. Whenever there's a birthday or a donation needed for school, there's always a crayon roll or something handmade added to the mix. 

Our life has been taken over this month with birthdays (including my own!).  Although I did the big trip to Toys R Us, it was time to sew up a few more crayon/marker rolls for the kids that didn't have one already.

First we had to make sure we had some crayons.  I usually get a basic pack 24-pack from Walmart or the Dollarama.

I also bought some Pipsqueaks.  I use crayons if the children are 5 and under.  The kids that are 6 and above get markers.

It's so easy to pop in the crayons or markers.

I like to use velcro to keep the rolls closed.  It's so easy for little fingers.

Here's what they look like side by side.  The crayons are a bit shorter than the markers.

I like that you can see the patterned fabric peeking out.

This crayon roll was packaged together with a bunch of stuff, including this cool colouring book.

It's a nice big book to go along with some fresh crayons.

Kinda makes me want to colour something too :o)

Happy crafting,
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