Friday, February 26, 2016

DIY Tip Envelopes

Sometimes, the best way to say "Thanks" is with a tip.

Once, I went for a manicure with my sister and forgot to take out the tip ahead of time.  My manicurist had to go into my bag to find my wallet, and take out some money.  I almost felt like I had to tip her for getting her own tip. Due to that experience, I usually have my tip ready before I go in for service.  I now keep a stack of little envelopes in my car, just in case.

A while back, I posted about making my own gift card holder because Michael's doesn't give you one when you buy a gift card.  Again I must comment on how ironic that is considering they sell all sorts of paper crafts and supplies.   The process to make a tip envelope is similar to the gift card holder, but with a twist:  1) the envelopes are smaller  2) I run them through the printer.

I like to recycle the kraft envelopes that the kids get from school because they are big enough to feed through my printer.  You can use paper too but in the spirit of recycling, I urge you to consider using the other side of previously used envelopes.

There are two ways to make your tip envelope:

1) Print out the template found here but shrink it until it's the size you want it to be.  Then trace it right onto the brown paper.  Stencil the word "Thanks"and cut out your envelope.

2) If you have photoshop skills, you could "copy" the template onto a new 8" x 11" canvas and repeat the envelope design on your page.   Then insert the word "thanks" in the middle of the envelope, print, and then cut out your envelope. 

No matter which way you choose, you end up with a cute little envelope.   Mine are sized perfectly to fit a bill. 

But this size also works great with coins.

Just pop in your tip and seal with tape or glue.

Doing this ahead of time will help make your spa experience even nicer.  So make some extra to keep in the car.  You'll be "thanking" yourself.   Hahahaha - get it?

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